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I believe that a good business will take something, add value, then provide it to someone else. I believe that “great business” adds relationship, collaboration, and partnership. It’s a vital part of our living community as we continually learn and grow.

As your project “partner”, Wilson Browne will help you increase the value you provide your customers. This will come by increasing your revenue or decreasing your expenses with measurable results.  I will work to earn your trust, labor diligently on your behalf, and help your business as we treat your investment as our own. Consulting isn’t at its best as a solo, behind-the-curtain operation, so I won’t just “meet and run.”  Our entire company is committed to you as long as needed to be sure you achieve your goals. We’ll be striving for your success together.

All of us at WB strive to be the best we can be. We seek to stay at the leading edge of web development and business process improvement and bring that knowledge to our clients. It’s always exciting to walk alongside a variety of organizations, learning together and forging paths with technology toward greater efficiency, exposure, and profitability.

We’d love to learn what you’re passionate about, what frustrates your progress, and offer our technological and business expertise.

– Richard, principal consultant

enterprise software development

Whether your enterprise is a 10 x 10 room or 100 offices around world, there are probably aspects of your workflow that would benefit from a custom solution. While “off the shelf” software has its strengths (primarily cost), custom software can be created to address your exact needs while staying on your budget. You may simply need your existing systems to better share information or you may be looking to replace your primary back office software. In any case, consider a tailored solution and how it would give you a distinct advantage over your competition.

data integration and reporting

Multiple data repositories are the norm in today’s workplace. Businesses usually have disparate systems that all need similar data. WB is able to get these systems to work better together by automating data exchange and eliminating redundancy.
Accurate information is the key to making good decisions. WB can bring your various data sources together making insightful reports just a click away.

workflow improvement

Utilizing a proprietary program, our clients are able to easily get from the first consultation to an effective solution.  WB will provide a right-sized solution that addresses the most important issues can be successfully implement on time and within budget.

technology solutions for business

Custom web and mobile apps designed with your specific needs in mind.

app development

Using the most modern development practices and tools, Wilson Browne has developed apps for the Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.